Local Roofing Companies in High Demand Following Recent Storms

Roofing companies are experience a rise in business following the recent storms in Oahu. Homeowners are desperately in need of repairs, and the roofing companies are doing their best to get the work done in a timely fashion.  Over the weekend, the Honolulu Fire Department was inundated approximately 67 telephone calls from homeowners with blown roofs who were in need of immediate assistance.

Roofworks Hawaii has been receiving nonstop calls since Friday night from local residents who lost their roofs during the height of the storm. President Rick Samorano stated that the older buildings in the area are more likely to have heavier damage than the newer roofs, depending on specific building locations and wind direction.

Oceanview Roofing has been busy as well, with roof repair costs as high as $30,000 for certain business and homeowners.

Local flooring contractors highly recommend that homeowners take preventative measures to ensure their roofs remain sturdy during the storm seasons. Many roofing companies offer free inspections, during which potential issues can be detected and repaired before irreversible damage can take place. It is also important for home and business owners to do their own research prior to hiring a contractor, such as requesting proof of business insurance and following up with all provided references.

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