One of the most popular items at the CES gadget show this past January was FINsix’s pocketable cell phone charger.  Its sleek design and lightweight makes it a great option for people who prefer less bulk in their pockets and purses.

The charger uses a very high frequency (VHF) conversion that draws in power from power sources to devices at an extremely high frequency.  The high frequency allows for its smaller size and the results are excellent. The charger also features a USB port, allowing for quick charging of phones and various devices.

The charger was designed by a group of individuals from MIT that utilized the well-known crowd funding site Kickstarter to raise money for production. Best Charger on the market  The desire for a powerful, small -in -size charger was so high that the funding goal was met with a short 24 hours. The charger is currently called the Dart, and its projected retail price is around $90.00.

The charger was demonstrated with a Macbook-compatible MagSafe adapter. The MagSafe is known for its ability to magnetically attach and detach without a cord, in turn avoiding sometimes inevitable computer accidents. The one issue with this is that Apple does not license MagSafe technology to third party companies.  The good news is that FINsix offers a Mac-compatible dart for $79.00. It is important to note that the Dart is only capable of charging tablets and laptop computers up to approximately 65 watts, and the MacBook Pro is not compatible.  However, the Dart is compatible with a wide variety of PC brands.  FINsix intends to begin shipping the chargers to the backers of their Kickstarter campaign by the end of 2014.

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