Top 5 car AUX cords and cables

If you are a music lover, then AUX cable is a must to have thing for you while driving your car. A large number of people use the AUX cables in their cars but most of the times, these cables go out of order within short duration. This is because they pick up the wrong or low quality cable that just ends in wasting their money. Thus, it is very important to buy the best aux cable that would go in long run while providing you the best sound quality. Here are the top 5 AUX cables that are the best among all.

  1. Anker 3.5mm Premium Aux Audio Cable

This aux cable is the best one and top-selling due to its high quality audio and advanced features. It comes with 24k gold plated jacks that greatly enhance its performance. Another best thing is that it comes with 18 months’ warranty so that you can easily replace it if found any functional error.

  1. iXCC 3-Ft Tangle-free Aux cable

The most amazing feature of this cable is that it is about 3 feet long than all of the other cables available in the market. Due to this length, anyone sitting in your car, even at the back seats, can easily enjoy the music with this cable. It also ensures high quality audio with noise resistance feature, and also comes with 2-years warranty.

  1. Cellularize 3.5mm stereo aux cable

The best feature of this cable is that it works effectively with any type of smartphone, tablet, or any device. It has the high quality gold plated audio plugs and metal connectors. This cable also has the copper and aluminum shield around it which gives it more strength.

  1. Idmix cable 3.5mm

It has a flat shaped cable which keeps it tangle free or knot-free. Whenever you sit in your car and want to enjoy music, you wouldn’t have to waste time on making the cable knot-free. This cable has nickel plated connectors and high quality audio results.

  1. Sentey LS-6620 metal aux cable braided

It has a gold connector that protects it from rust or corrosion. This cable ensures the smooth connection with your smartphone with the best quality audio. There is no noise and resistance while you will get it with a warranty of about 12 months.

Buying Guide- What to look for before buying a Aux Cable?

It is important to keep in mind that whenever you go for buying an Aux cable, make sure to look for the following things into it.

  • Price: It should not be too expensive. Its price must worth its features.
  • Warranty: If must have some warranty so that you can replace if its defected.
  • Brand: Must buy it from a good and reputable brand.
  • Device Compatibility: It must be compatible with your device.
  • Jack Quality: Must buy an Aux cable with good jack quality.
  • Material: It must be made up of durable material.
  • Length: It must have a considerable length.
  • Wire Cover Quality: Must check the wire cover quality before buying it.

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