The Best iPhone Screen Protectors

iPhone screens are known to be fragile and delicate, and it is likely to break when dropped at a hard surface. Also, if you use your iPhone without a screen protector, its screen could get damaged through keys, other any sharp material kept in your bag or pocket. Without a screen protector, your smartphone is susceptible to breakage or cracking, which is why you should consider investing in a good iPhone screen protector.

What to look for when shopping for an iPhone screen protector?

When looking for a screen protector for your iPhone X or iPhone XS, you should make sure that the screen protector is designed to resist scratches. Also, an iPhone screen protector should be cost-effective, and it should be easy to install to your iPhone. Keep the following features in mind when shopping for an iPhone screen protector:

  • Fit, feel, and finish:

The most prominent features of an iPhone screen protector comprises of finish, fit, and feel. The screen protectors should feel smooth to touch, lightweight, and it shouldn’t any sharp edges. Also, it should be easy to install.

  • Glass over plastic:

If you were to choose from a glass or plastic screen protector, we would urge you to choose tempered glass screen protector over plastic glass protector. A plastic screen protector looks flimsy and uneven, whereas a glass screen protector could be installed without any hassle.

Best screen protector for iPhone:

If you are looking for best screen protectors for iPhone on the market, we have compiled a list for you to choose from:

  • Cellularize

Cellularize offers tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X. The screen protector is highly cost-effective, and it comes in a pack of three, so you can give one to friend or, keep the remaining for later use. It also comes with an effective tool that allows you to install the screen protector during its installation. The screen protector is equipped with oleophobic coating, which keeps greasy smears at a minimal. However, the screen protector is designed to protect the flat part of the smartphone, so it leaves the curved edges of iPhone X.

  • Belkin InvisiGlass

The Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector is exclusively available at Apple, and it makes the perfect addition for iPhone’s users. The screen protector is manufactured using Corning’s accessory glass 2, which is considered effective for protecting the iPhone screen against scratches and grazes. The screen protector might not be as cost-effective as the TechMatte screen protector—it is designed to last you for a long time. However, if you are not satisfied with the over-priced screen protector, you can look into the alternative options to pick from.

  • YooTech Protectors

The YooTech screen protectors are designed to provide maximum protection and security to your smartphone, and it bears resemblance with the TechMatte packaging. The Yootech screen protector for iPhone 6, 6s, 8, and 7 features 0.3 millimeters tempered glass, and it is relatively smaller in size to be used for iPhone X.


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