10 Best USB Extension Cables of 2019

  1. 1. Anker Powerline USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable:

If you are in search of a durable USB extension cable then this is the right pick to make. You can easily connect this cable to a new device with the help of a USB-C port which is can be found in computers and USB ports and chargers too. The durability makes Anker Powerline long lasting as it is an amraid fiber core and has a braided exterior. The extension cord has strong connector necks which add up to the durability as they make it hard to bend. Also, the risk of it getting tangled is way lesser.

Anker Powerline offers fast charging but it is not an exception. It won’t be able to charge devices like Pixel XL on the maximum speeds. However, you can transfer and sync up to 5gbps of data with this USB extension cable. The best part about this cable is that it comes with a carry pouch which makes it very portable and user friendly.

  1. 2. Cellularize METAL Micro USB Cable Extension

Cellularize is for people who are impatient as it offers fast charging. The USB cable claims that they are able to provide the users with 40% more power, in comparison to other USB cables that are accessible in the market. Also, this is one is 25% more thick than most of the popular cables and is 5ft long.

Also, it comes with a double braided wire which adds up to its goodness and makes it super durable. It also offers a year’s warranty although it just costs you around $11. Isn’t that amazing? It is certainly a good pick to make!

  1. 3. Volutz Equilibrium Series Micro-USB to USB Cables:

This is a way better and faster USB extension cable than most of the standard cables these days. It transfers the energies at a larger rate than usual that is 3 amps and you can hardly find it in cables these days; it is rare! This obviously makes it super easy and fast to charge devices within no time. According to Volutz, they are offering a Dual House technology. This makes it a “bend free” cable which makes it all the more durable.

You can also get this USB in nylon braided exterior. Also, the company claims that this cable is very long lasting and will last 15% more than usual cables do. Thus, this is a definite catch for someone who wishes for fast charging, durability and long lasting cable.

  1. 4. Google USB-C to USB-C Cable:

Are you in search of fast and hesitation free charging? Well, Google has blessed you then as this is the best USB cable that one can ask for. It offers a 60W speed at 3A and has a 2.0 transfer speed as well. This offers you a 480 mbps transferring rate which is pretty impressive and will work for everyone. This a bit expensive but as it does not tangle or frill; it is fine to invest a little in this one and let it last long for you. Also, the costliness does count because it offers you a tapered neck and solid plug. It also has a year’s warranty which is great and a must-have too, considering its price tag.

  1. 5. Tronsmart USB-C to USB-A Cables:

This is a three cable pack which varies in lengths and has the power to handle 5Gbps of speed. It is also very durable as its exterior is nylon braided and it also has gold plated connectors. With a 12 month warranty, this pack of cables is definitely worth it. Also, it is quite reasonable too so you can certainly give it a try.

  1. 6. Ravpower TYPE C TO TYPE A Cable:

Ravpower is 6ft long and offers great and fast charging. The data transfer rate is also impeccable and it is easily connectable with various devices. You can connect it Pixel and MacBook and any other device without any issues. The cable works fast with every device so there is really nothing to worry about. The connectors have an aluminum casing and the cable is quite durable and strong too. Costing just $11, it still offers a 12 month warranty which is amazing. You can give it a try without any worries and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  1. 7. Snowkids USB-C to USB-3.0:

Snowkids USB cable has a nylon braided exterior design and is 6.6 ft. long. The metallic design makes it super durable and strong too, promoting it to be bend-free. It works with various devices and can be easily connected to Pixel, Samsung Note and MacBook too. Also, the efficiency and fast charging is unquestionable. It provides is a 3.0A output which obviously gives it the ability to charge devices faster.

  1. 8. Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable:

This is the 3.1 latest USB which offers fast charging to the user. It also allows you to transfer up to 10GBps of data. The most incredible part is that you can get support for Thunderbolt 3 with it as well. The design of Belkin cable is pretty simple. The connectors are easy to plug in as they are slim and it makes the cable user friendly. The cable is also very durable as the neck is thick and strong. The cable is 3ft long and has a 2 year warranty as well.

  1. 9. Cable Matters USB 3.1 C to A Cable:

This is a shorter cable, in comparison to all the cables that have already been listed here. However, it does not make it any less than the cables that are mentioned above. It is 3.3ft long and is thick and sturdy in design. It also offers fast and amazing charging, along with the transferring data rate to be 5gbps. Costing as low as $6, it does offer you warranty too. If you are looking for a cheaper option then this is the one for you.

  1. 10. Belkin 3.1 USB-A to USB-C:

This is a solid USB and is a good choice to make. It offers you to transfer data up to 10 GBPS and has two connectors. The two connectors are basically the reason why people find this USB cable amazing and it also makes it worth every dime. It works amazingly with an array of different devices. From Google Pixel to MacBook; you can connect this cable with simply any device and it will charge it fast and nice. Being just $18, it offers a lifetime warranty too so you don’t have much to worry about.

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